Episode 4
I felt oddly comfortable with Aunty Lucia now, and intrigued, as though I had flown her to another planet. shortly afterwards I began to feel nervous as she asked me a couple of questions I found difficulty in proffering answers to. The boyish charm I had had in the beginning emerged again.
“How about I tell you the honest truth?” 
Although Aunty Lucia sounded irritable and nervous. 
“What truth is that?” I asked. 
“Poor child, he’s asking such at a time like this” She muttered beneath her voice. I knew way from her expression, something had definitely gone wrong somewhere. I was scared all the time as she looked at me strangely.
“Jeff  will never be mine again” she said with tears. She was more comfortable with Jeff than she had ever been with anyone.
“What really happened Aunty Lucia?” I managed to ask. Aunty Lucia was still pondering the question.
“Jeff and I had been friends for over nine years until we got married and broke up a year after. I met Jeff at a studio and surprisingly had a shooting together. He was one of the most hilarious folks I ever met in my entire life. I really can’t tell if there was anything extraordinary about the relationship we had but I was fond of him as a friend” 
“He will come back for you” I said.
Aunty Lucia smiled a small wintry smile. This time my eyes didn’t waver from her face. Aunty Lucia’s eyes were hard and cool, like highly polished marbles.
“I’m a powerful and intelligent woman” she said as she sipped from the coffee set in front of her.