Episode 2

I leaned over, hands against my thighs to catch my breath, and stared out across the glistening landscape of that house picturesque of mountain Everest. I thought I could escape from the apron strings of Aunty Lucia. 
“You’re hiding again”, Aunty Lucia Shrieked at me. Aunty Lucia was beautiful but had a terrible temperament. Her long hair, was woven into a loose bun. She was graceful and elegant.  She had wore two rings  that left marks on my face. There was a small cut on my head, and red marks where I had been slapped. A welt from one of the rings already visible on my cheek.

Aunty Lucia slapped me across my left ear, and then shook me, holding my both arms, shouting into my devastated face. “Why are you always hiding?” 

“I’m sorry” was all I could say. The words were barely more than a whisper as I gasped for air. The beating seemed  to take all the wind out of me, all the life out of my soul, as I looked up imploringly with tear-filled eyes at Aunty Lucia.

“You drive me crazy all the time, doing crazy things like hiding”.

She pushed me from her then, as i slid across the well-waxed floor, a few feet away from her, never far enough, as a blue suede high-heeled shoe kicked me with blinding venom in the small thin high that trembled. The biggest bruises were always on my legs and arms, my body, where they were unseen by others. No effort to apologize to soothe me from Aunty Lucia.
I knew that looking up at Aunty Lucia with tear-stained face would only make her angrier. So I kept my eyes focused on the floor, as though she might disappear if I lay there forever.

Aunty Lucia had suffered depression right from when she lost her husband, not to death but to the hands of another woman. She was never known to be promiscuous or vile until the day she was told by Jeff that the marriage was over. She had been pretty then, and young, something of a beauty, and there was a coolness about her that drove Jeff into frenzy. She begged, pleaded, and wanted him desperately. She pursued him, the more aloof he was. Aunty Lucia soon went back to her own activities rapidly, doing window shopping, going to tea parties in the afternoon, and reluctantly having lunch with friends. And more than ever, she wanted to go out every evening.
She  went in and picked a thick rope from the kitchen and tied me down.
Aunty Lucia forcefully pulled out my helpless organ finally, She could see tears dripping down my eyes as she squeezed my organ with all the anger in her. She brought out a dagger, a pen and a paper and said, ” you are 18 and you don’t need me to tell you what to do, you either wake this dead snake up or I kill you with my own venom”. She was completely naked, I tried not to look, I was in so much pain, right there and then nature took its free course. She could feel I was a bit active, in as much as I tried to get rid of the moment. She screamed and was entirely cursing. Calling on Jeff with swearing words. I was being crucified for a sin I didn’t commit. I noticed she was all the time biting the bed sheet. She went down subtly, rode on me the more, my whole frame was getting weaker. I couldn’t move, but was shaking terribly on the floor until she unleashed some liquid on my face. I felt so disgusted. Aunty Lucia drained me for couple of hours until I fell unconscious. Void of any life or breath.
For a split second I was dreaming, I considered the odds, then made a run for the alley. Halfway across the street, I felt a bullet rip through my shoulder. I stumbled, pain searing my senses. Blood dripped down my arm, but I couldn’t afford to slow my pace. I ran toward the narrow alley lined with someone’s laundry, trying to ignore the footsteps of Aunty Lucia behind me. Clinging to the truck’s rusty bumper that I saw, I searched for an escape route, weighing my options one by one. Aunty Lucia wasn’t far from me.
By the following morning I woke up late praying not to set eyes on Aunty Lucia.