Love me forever – #1



      She laughed at what I had said, and just talking about it seemed weird to both of us.  I had spent the most treasured time of my life chatting with Sherry, she was so well informed, so intelligent, and so wise. It was a real holiday for both of us, we sat in the garden watching the fireworks that lit up the sky.  I needed to say something – something quite fascinating- something that will make her chuckle. “Are you okay?” I asked.  “Very well, are you?” She asked too as her smile let out a curve so distinct like a fairy queen. I hurriedly replied “not really but I will be fine.” She smiled and shook her head.  I had imagined she already knew what was running through my mind. I was shy to look too closely into her eyes, I had nursed all I wanted to say but somehow I felt threatened by any probable rejection.

“Hey Tom, is there something you’d like to tell me? I sensed you’ve not been yourself lately” She said.  Somehow my love for Sherry was something I knew i needed to admit to as a man. I felt my heart was in a race, I looked at her with a lot of questions fighting within me, and knowing that I was at the verge of losing her, I quickly summoned the confidence to speak.

” I am traveling first thing tomorrow and I might not be back again” Sherry said.  When I gave myself to falling in love deeply with Sherry I didn’t know what I was preparing my heart for – ineed a possible heartbreak. I had never realized how much it would mean to me to have saved myself for her. In my heart, I already felt married to Sherry. We left the garden slowly back to the car. 

“Take good care of yourself Tom,” She said gently to me.

“I love you” I said.
I couldn’t tell where that came from. Sherry smiled. She seemed to have known me for a long time. ” Is that what you’ve been nursing to tell me all along?” She asked.

“Yes” I said.

But she left immediately without saying a word to me.

I hated to leave Sherry. And it was even more depressing when I  got back home. I wanted so desperately to be with her, I lay awake in my bed for hours that night. I seemed lost in my thoughts. I remembered every inch of Sherry and her raw beauty. Transported again by the emotions of the past one hour, I began to mutter to myself ” You know I want to be with you more than anything else in the world.” Tears filled my eyes knowing that I have missed a lifetime journey with someone I love. 

Only if she would love me forever

Only if Sherry would come back.