The Convert

Most women love pearls, but remember pearls are the products of pain and pressure. For some unknown reason the shell of the oyster gets pierced and an alien substance – a grain of sand – slips Inside. On the entry of that foreign irritant, all the resources within the tiny, sensitive oyster rush to the spot and begin to release healing fluids that otherwise would have remained dormant. After some time the irritant is covered and the wound is healed – by a pearl!

It takes a great effort to maintain an image.  Start being you and the stress level will start to fall.

You cannot think of failure and then succeed or in terms of weakness and be strong.

Remember, complaining and criticising can become one of our worst habits and habits are extremely hard to break.

The book of proverbs say, “A merry heart doeth good like medicine”. 

Always laugh when you feel like and when you don’t even feel like. Being too serious makes you look old and worn out. Take out time to spend with kids and read with them comic books.

Be warm in your feelings towards others and express appreciation. Never forget that Pulling others down with your tongue or pen won’t take you up instead.

Replace anger with love, despair with hope, sorrow with joy, worry with trust, mediocrity with diligence and creativity.

Finally when you accept personal responsibility for your life, the whole world looks different.