The Active Professor 

Amidst the derelicts living on the streets of Jonny, followed a stench, a somewhat acrid smell leaving quite a number of students  walking through the main gate into campus more or less  overwhelmed by the stop and search. Usually girls with ripped jeans and flamboyant tops end up getting the heat.

The vagrant white Mercedes car rattled helplessly from the garage. In it sat a Professor on his way to assume office as the newly appointed dean of students’ affairs. The professor, a good-looking man, had his eyes fixed on the headline that made the news for the  DAY NEWSPAPER. His glasses fell in between his nose as he often shrugged in a subtle manner  flipping each page with a stern and scary countenance .

” What insolence! ” he exclaimed.

Adamu wasn’t too sure of Prof’s sudden reaction to what he was reading , but he knew whatever it was , it wouldn’t resort to Prof losing his life or perhaps  maybe it was just another coup. Adamu prayed earnestly each day never to experience another civil war.

He stuttered and asked with a summed up courage ” Oga at the top….emmm… Hope no peoblem sha ”

” Just Keep driving Adamu, i am fine”

His body desired a good place where he could really express his anger. He felt he needed to tell someone how irrational it was for a  local government chairman to embezzle public funds and also be celebrated.

He saw a white signboard, although he had seen it countless time. It was the Faculty of Arts. After driving through the dusty road leading to the campus’s main library, he ordered Adamu to stop as he highlighted with a fierce look as he headed for the Vice Chancellor’s office. 
” I need to see the V.C right away” he thundered.

” welcome Prof.  Good to see you, the VC He is not in at the moment”  she said with a deformed smile.

The secretary who had been sleeping and snoring effortlessly, rubbed her eyes with her left hand and waited to see what next  Prof had up his sleeves.  ” where is the Registrar ?” He is not in his office at the moment, he left not quite long with the V.c ” 

Still busy bitting his thumb and musing within himself the door opened noiselessly and a fair lady in a transparent dress  walked in…